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by Kamaara Video

There’s no doubt that the colder seasons are some of the most romantic times of the year. It’s chilly outside, so everyone is cuddling up by a cosy fireplace, enjoying the festive feeling. So what better time to host your wedding! A winter wedding can be a beautifully romantic occasion, but you might be stuck when deciding on a theme to fit the season. Here’s our top five ideas for a winter wedding theme to give you some inspiration…


1. Layer it up

Layers are essential for the cold weather, and we’re not talking about your bridal look. Draping fabric around your wedding venue can completely transform your space, and turn it into a warm winter wonderland. Think flowing, billowy linens on the tables and chairs to keep the space looking soft, and floor to ceiling fabrics. You can also mix it up with some fairy lights and candles to add to the cosy feel of the venue.


winter wedding ideas - layers


layer up your wedding seating


winter wedding ideas



2. Freeze your flowers

Want a totally eye-catching and different way to display your floral arrangements? Put it on ice – literally.  A huge trend in 2018 winter weddings is to display frozen flower arrangements, for an ice-castle vibe. The frozen water will make bright colours even more vivid, so this is a great idea if your colour scheme is bold.  Lots more ideas on Pinterest

freeze your flowers



3. Comfort foods

Winter weddings are a great opportunity to play around with the traditional wedding food. When the weather is cold outside, we reach for hot and hearty foods, and your wedding doesn’t have to be an exception. Think of your favourite comfort foods like hot soups, braised beef casserole with dumplings and sticky red cabbage on the side; warm pastries and pies and the ultimate, baked brie and mulled wine!


comfort foods for your winter wedding feast



4. Think Green

Dark greenery lends itself to a winter wedding, as the colours stand out perfectly against your bridal dress. Designing a bouquet with a lot of leaves and green flowers is a great idea for a winter wedding. You can also adorn your venue with wintery trees and plants to make it a real winter wonderland.

green foliage for your winter wedding theme



5. Faux Fur

Nothing will make you feel warmer in the cold than faux fur accents. Drape this fabric to the back of chairs, or invest in a soft faux fur wrap to go over your wedding dress. You can also use faux fur around your venue to really add to the warmth and create the cosy vibes.

white faux fur for winter weddings


Watch this beautiful winter wedding we filmed at the Culloden Hotel to give you some inspiration.

Want some more inspiration? Take a look through our wedding portfolio to see some real-life weddings.   Get some more winter wedding ideas from our article on winter flower ideas. If you like what you see, contact us to find out how to get your own wedding video filmed by us.