Wedding Planning Tips & Ideas

by Kamaara Video

If you’re planning a winter wedding for next year, it’s about time to start choosing your florist and your flowers. These days a good florist can get you any flower you want at any time of year. Many blooms are imported from abroad so our weather doesn’t have to dictate the flowers you choose for your bouquet, buttonholes and centrepieces.

However, seasonal wedding blooms can play a big part in creating a striking winter theme for your big day. Your florist can pair flowers with winter foliage, berries and even pine cones to accentuate the seasonal feel. Seasonal flowers are also very kind to your wedding budget as imported or artificially cultivated flowers usually cost a lot more.

Looking for inspiration? Browse through our selection of beautiful seasonal winter wedding flowers, all found in Ireland during December, January or February:


Roses are available all year round and come in an extensive range of colours. Soft creams make for a romantic feel whilst ruby reds can add to the drama if you’re going for a colour scheme of rich winter tones.


It’s the Algerian iris variety that flowers throughout the winter months. This flower is vibrant and comes with either deep blue or purple petals. The iris is thought to represent faith and hope so it can be a meaningful addition to your wedding bouquet.


Also known as Baby’s Breath, gypsophila’s small clustered flowers are often used as a filler in floral arrangements. However, a bouquet made up almost entirely of this beautiful bloom creates a very romantic and ethereal feel.


We all know this flower better by its common name, the daffodil. Varieties of narcissi that flower early in the year (some even before Christmas) usually have a less intensely yellow petal than the ones that sprout up come spring. These delicate cream flowers are a perfect addition to a bouquet of sophisticated, muted tones.


Sometimes referred to as the winter rose because it can flower even in the deepest midwinter, hellebores comes in a variety of colours. There are cream and almost black varieties as well as subtle pink and purple shades with lovely dappled petals.


Anemones are another early flowering plant with medium sized blousy flowers and some great colour options. The large, dark centre of the anemone can make for really striking and modern bouquets, particularly if you opt for flowers with paler petals.


Waxflower is part of the myrtle family and it begins flowering in the late winter. It’s an incredibly pretty and delicate plant, with clusters of tiny flowers, usually available in whites, creams and pale pinks.


An icon of Christmas, poinsettia plants are a common winter sight and the perfect flower if your wedding falls over the festive season. The poinsettia’s bright red flowers make a bold and dramatic addition to any flower arrangement.


When it comes to choosing seasonal wedding flowers, there are certainly fewer options in the winter. Nevertheless, with blooms as beautiful as these, you’re sure to find something to match your theme, your colour scheme and your wedding vision.