Wedding shoes like everything about weddings today, there’s no right or wrong choices to make. Brides are increasingly turning tradition on its head and getting to be more creative than ever when planning their big day. And, as every bride knows, the little details can make a big impact.

So, when it comes to wedding shoes, there’s a whole world beyond standard white or ivory heels. As long as you can walk in them and as long as they complement your dress, anything goes. If you’d like your footwear to make a statement, take a look at these incredible alternative wedding shoe ideas:

Vintage Wedding Shoes

For a vintage wedding theme you need vintage wedding shoes. Beaded embellishment and T-bar shapes evoke 1920s glamour. Court shoes with a lower heel are typical of the 1950s. And, if you’re going all the way back to the 19th century, seek out some lace up ankle boots with a heel to really enhance the theme.



Planning to dance the night of your wedding away? There’s no reason to squeeze your feet into a pair of uncomfortable stilettos. Particularly if you never wear them usually. A white pair of Converse trainers is a comfortable alternative for brides who want to be kind to their feet. Other flat wedding shoe options include sparkly brogues or pretty ballerina pumps.



Laidback, practical wedding shoes can be the best choice if you’re getting married at an unusual wedding venue. If you’re having a festival wedding opt for wellies. And choose sandals, foot jewellery or just bare feet for a low-key destination wedding on a warm, sandy beach.


DIY Embellishment

If you feel your wedding shoes are a bit too boring, some DIY embellishment could really liven them up. A little bit of added bling, ribbons, lace, feathers or even flowers can make your wedding shoes exciting and original. They can also help to reflect your wedding theme.



Colourful wedding shoes add a sense of personality and drama to your big day and look great when they tie in with the overall colour scheme you’ve chosen. If you can’t find shoes in exactly the colour you’re looking for, use the Rainbow Club service. They can dye a pair of shoes to match any colour swatch you send them.



Personalise your wedding shoes with the date of your wedding or a special message on the soles. You can buy vinyl stickers to personalise your shoes yourself. Or opt for completely original wedding shoes by sending a plain pair off to company like Beautiful Moment. They’ll hand-paint your wedding shoes with a design and message of your choice, leaving you with something completely and beautifully unique.


Wedding dresses with higher hem lines are giving brides the perfect opportunity to show off their bridal footwear. But whether you’re going for mini, midi or full length, your wedding shoes will make a big impact on your day. Your shoes should look good and make you feel good too. For brides looking for something a little different, there’s a pair of alternative weddings shoes out there that’s sure to do both.