Wedding Planning Tips & Ideas

by Kamaara Video

Wedding memories are so important.  Yes of course your wedding is sure to be one of the most memorable days of your life. But it’s easy to forget those wonderful little moments that make the day so special.

Here are a few ideas on how to capture and keep your wedding memories:

Professional Wedding Video

These days a wedding video doesn’t mean a real-time, shaky, fuzzy version of events filmed by a friend of the family. So, with a professional videographer on board, you’ll get footage of your wedding filmed and edited to perfection. It’s the perfect way to look back and relive your big day. Check out Kamaara Wedding Video portfolio.



Professional Wedding Photos

There’s a photographer for every style of wedding. Contemporary, vintage, formal or informal, the right photographer will be able to perfectly capture the mood and style of your day. You can opt for a traditional wedding photographer to get photos with each side of the family. On the other hand you can choose a documentary style photographer who won’t ask people to pose. Instead they’ll capture natural and informal moments throughout the day.


Guest Wedding Photos

Leave a disposable camera on every table and get your guests to take photos of the reception. When you get them developed you’ll discover a whole other set of wedding memories and perspectives of your happy day. You could also suggest a wedding hashtag (putting this on invitations is usually a good idea) so you can see all of your guests’ wedding photos together on social media.


Wedding Day Memory Box

During your wedding day, collect little mementoes that will remind you of all the special moments you experience. The cork from the bottle of champagne you drink while getting ready, a copy of your vows, the decorations from on top of your cake. You can even save and preserve flowers from your wedding bouquet to keep in your memory box or display somewhere at home.

A Guest Book with a Difference

A guest book or message tree is lovely way to remember everyone who came to your wedding. But give guests a little direction and you’ll avoid getting a repeat of what they’ve already written in their wedding cards. Ask them to write a memory of you or your spouse or seek their advice for a happy marriage. Reading through their messages days or years after your wedding will be a lovely reminder of the kindness and love of your family and friends.


Write a Journal

Planning and attending your own wedding is likely to be a time of great excitement and emotion. Write a journal to note down all of the special events that happen in the run up to your wedding. And a few days into your honeymoon, sit together and write down some memories of the day itself. It’s amazing how many little but wonderful details you forget over time.

There are lots of beautiful ways to capture memories at your wedding. With photos, videos, mementoes and messages you’ll be able to look back and remember all of the love and laughter shared on your special day.