You’ve probably spent a lot of time planning your wedding. And you’ll be hoping that everything runs smoothly on the big day. That’s why a wedding makeup trial is so important.  It’s a chance to test out your bridal look in advance. You can see which colours and products work best for you.  And you can make sure that you’re happy with the finished result. This means that your makeup can be applied easily and with minimal stress on the big day itself.

Here are a few top tips for really making the most of your wedding makeup trial:

Come Prepared to Your Makeup Trial

A picture speaks a thousand words. Head to Pinterest for inspiration and to create your own bridal makeup board. Showing your makeup artist a collection of the makeup styles you like will make it much easier for her to achieve the look you want. 

Kamaara Video Production - makeup
Kamaara Video Production - wedding makeup trial
Wear White

Wearing white on your wedding day? Then pick out a white top to wear for your makeup trial. You could go one step further – buy a cheap white top and cut the neckline to match your wedding dress. The colour you wear has a huge impact on your complexion. And your wedding day makeup has to take this into account.

To Tan or not to Tan?

Similarly, if you’re going to be fake tanned for your wedding day, fake tan a few days before your trial. In order to choose the best cosmetic products and shades, your makeup artist needs to see your skin as it will look on your big day.

makeup trial

Have Your Hair Done Too

To get a real sense of your wedding day style, have your hair as well as your makeup trial on the same day. If that’s not possible, at least try to wear your hair up or down depending on how you’re having it on your wedding day.  Check out our Wedding Hair article for inspiration.

Go Outside

Your makeup will look different indoors and out. Once your makeup is applied, take a mirror or a camera and check your look under artificial and natural light. And think about where the majority of your wedding photographs will be taken. That’s the place you really want to be looking your best.

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Ask for Touch Up Advice

Your makeup artist will have you looking amazing as you walk down that aisle. But you may need to do a few touch-ups throughout the day. Ask your makeup artist about which products and shades she’ll be using so you can purchase any essential makeup beforehand.

wedding makeup touch up on your wedding day

Your wedding makeup can make all the difference on your wedding day. A bit of pampering in the morning makes you feel like a superstar. And professionally applied makeup helps you to look your absolute best on your photos and wedding video too.  However if you are someone who would prefer to do your own makeup then head over to our article on…..