If there’s any day a woman will want to look her absolute best, it’s her wedding day. In fact – hair and beauty prep for a wedding can start as early as three months before your wedding day! All that skincare and hair care prep is finished off with a beautiful bridal makeup look and your wedding make up artist can be one of the most important vendors you book for your wedding day. The right bridal makeup can help you feel as beautiful as you are, but finding that perfect makeup artist can be hard. With hundreds of makeup artists out there, you might feel overwhelmed in finding the right one for you. Here are some questions you should ask potential makeup artists.  This will help you narrow down your search for the one.

1. Ask for Photos of Their Previous Wedding Work

You wouldn’t buy your wedding dress without seeing it first, would you? The first step in finding the perfect wedding makeup artist is to look at photographs of their work. This is the easiest way to discover a makeup artists’ style, and whether or not it gels with your vision for your big day. It’s also important to read honest reviews of each makeup artist, to discover if they’re reliable and dependable. You can also go one step further, and ask each artist for references, especially if you have specific concerns you’d like to ask about. Real brides can also show you photographs of the makeup throughout their day.  This will show you how it lasts and looks in different lights.

wedding makeup artistPhoto by Nick Arnot

2. Ask for Prices

Budget can be the number one concern when it comes to wedding planning, so it’s important to know exactly what you are paying for – so there are no nasty surprises when the invoice comes in!  Some makeup artists can charge extra for aspects like makeup trials, and travelling to your wedding venue.  So make sure you consider everything you need before agreeing to a price. It’s also useful to ask if makeup artists do a group price for other members of your bridal party, if you want your bridesmaids makeup done too.

wedding makeup artist

3. How Long Will the Wedding Makeup Session Last?

It’s ok to be fashionably late to walk down your aisle, but you don’t want your hubby to be thinking you’ve got cold feet, when you’re actually still stuck in the makeup artists chair! Timing is everything on your wedding morning, so make sure you ask how long your makeup will take, and consider other things like your hair, and getting your dress on when you book times. We recommend getting your hair done first, so those hair dryers, straighteners or curlers don’t end up melting your beautiful bridal look!

4. Does the Makeup Artist have a back up on the Big Day?

Every bride to be needs to plan for a worst-case scenario! Make sure you ask what will happen if there’s an emergency on the big day and your artist can’t make it.

Hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day makeup will not only make you feel like a film star but you’ll look and feel fabulous for your photos and wedding video too.