Your wedding day – it’s up there with your driving test, job interviews and those long gone first dates for turning you into a bag of nerves. Almost every bride experiences some degree of anxiety on her wedding day. But if you’re worried that wedding day nerves will get the better of you, take a look at our six top tips for coping with them:


When we get stressed the body responds in a number of ways. Our breath gets shallow and rapid and our muscles start to tense. This can make us feel even more panicked than we already did! When you feel the wedding nerves starting to rise, take a moment. Try to take big, deep breaths and relax your body. This will help to calm you down, cope with the nerves and refocus your mind on all the many positives of the big day ahead.  Try this breathing exercise for stress from the NHS website.

Eat and Drink

You’ll likely be drinking before, after and during the wedding reception so pacing yourself is pretty important. However, an early glass of bubbly (or two) can really take the edge off your nerves.  Crack open a bottle when you’re all getting ready. And be sure to eat a decent breakfast too or at least a glass of water and a sandwich. When you’re feeling hungry and your blood sugar’s low, you’re much more likely to get anxious, shaky and irritable.

Eat and drink to stay calm


Share the Load

A bride often ends up feeling like she’s holding the whole day together all by herself. But you don’t have to do it alone. Share out tasks for your wedding day amongst your bridal party. Even just talking about your wedding day worries with your nearest and dearest can help.

talk to a friend to help you relax


Make a List

Sometimes our thoughts get away from us and we end up with a general feeling of anxiety we can’t pinpoint or escape. Write down everything you’re worrying about. It may be that the list is much shorter than you’d imagined. And you may find that seeing your concerns on paper, you can come up with some practical ways to address them.

wedding day nerves - make a List


Get Some Exercise

Find the time for a session in the gym or a good stroll in the country the day or evening before your wedding. Doing exercise releases endorphins into the brain. These feel-good chemicals can improve your mood and help to reduce anxiety. Exercise could also help you to get a good night’s sleep meaning you’ll be well-rested for the big day.  Not only that but you will have an added glow for your wedding video!

wedding day nerves - exercise and release the happy endorphins


Let The Little Things Go

There may be some minor setbacks on your wedding day. But does it really matter if you have exactly the right shade of pink for your chair covers? Or that you’re short on ribbons for your jam jar candle holders? Let the little things go and focus on what’s important – you’ll soon be marrying the person you love most in the world – days don’t get much better than that!

Once you see your other half at the end of that aisle, any wedding day nerves are sure to disappear. In the meantime, try out our nerve-busting tips to make the most of every minute of your wonderful wedding day.

Take a look at this Yoga routine to help you relax and unwind before bedtime.  The exercises start at 1:14.