Wedding Planning Tips & Ideas

by Kamaara Video

The colour scheme you choose for your wedding has a huge impact on the feel of the day. Are you thinking of bright summer colours for a fun vibe, muted tones for something more sophisticated or delicate pastel shades for a romantic air? If you’re at a loss with where to start, here are some useful things to consider when deciding on your wedding colour scheme.

Summer Colours

wedding colour scheme - summer colours

Soft Muted Colours
Soft Muted Shades for your wedding colour scheme

Photo by Gemma Evans

The Venue – Colour It

The right venue will provide the perfect blank canvas for your colour scheme dreams, or even provide some colour inspiration. On the other hand, if your venue comes with a colour scheme of its own, you’ll need to incorporate those colours or cover them up to avoid a clash.

wedding venue Larchfield Estate Wedding Venue


Rich Autumn Colours
autumn wedding colour scheme
Seasonal Colours

Letting the season inform your colour scheme makes sense. Seasonal flowers are more readily (and more cheaply) available. Plus the outside world may even complement your theme with falling blossom, golden leaves or a sparkling frost. Pastels best evoke spring, vibrant floral colours for summer, rich oranges and golds for autumn and deep jewel tones for winter. But don’t feel constrained by the season if these colours aren’t your thing. Your colours should be a representation of you more so than the season.


green and white wedding

The Specifics of Colours

Suppose you like the colour green.  It really helps to know your mint green from your sage green, your olive from your emerald.  Also knowing the specifics will help you to communicate your vision to your family, your florist and anyone else who may be involved in making your wedding colour scheme come to life.

40 shades of green

Colour Tones

These days, choosing just two colours for your wedding is seen as a little old fashioned. Some weddings incorporate four or even five colours to great effect. The key is to use neutral colours as part of the scheme too. Or opt for various hues of the same colour to achieve a tonal effect. The tonal approach is particularly popular for bridesmaids’ dresses at the moment too.

Toning Bridesmaids

pastel bridesmaids dresses

The Colour Wheel

If you’re struggling to find a colour scheme that really holds together, the colour wheel could solve all of your problems. Composed of every colour imaginable, it can help us to find the shades that complement each other perfectly. Play around with colour combinations with a free online colour palette generator to see your dream scheme take shape.


colour wheel


Alternative Colour Ideas

Alternatively, you could reject a traditional colour palette altogether and really scale things back. Pure white with green foliage is on-trend in any season.

green and white scheme

Photo by Jeremy Wong

Wedding Videos NI - colour ideas

Photo by Artsy Vibes

Equally, very neutral shades with lots of texture are also gaining in popularity – think handmade cotton paper stationery and raw linen table runners.

neutral shades for your wedding

Signature Cocktail – Colour Matching

Once you’ve settled on your wedding colour scheme, there are countless ways to incorporate it into your day. How about a signature cocktail in your colour of choice? Or cupcake favours in your wedding colours?

drinks to match your colour choice

Photo by Whitney Wright 

Cupcake Colours to Match
cakes to match your colour scheme

Photo by Jessica Bristow

A Splash of Colour

You could even ditch tradition and opt for a splash of colour with your wedding heels. There are lots of fun ways to bring colour to your wedding. Just remember, less is usually more. Occasional pops of beautiful colour will deliver the biggest impact on your big day.

splash of colour for your wedding

Whichever colour scheme you choose, your day will be gorgeous!  To make sure you remember everything about your wedding, hire us to film all the fun of your day and your fabulous colour scheme.  Contact us to check your date.