2018 offered us two Royal weddings, meaning that it felt like the year of weddings. However, here at Kamaara, we love a brand new year! It brings with it a fresh host of wedding trends, and 2019 is set to be a good one. If you’ve chosen this year to say your “I dos” and need a little #inspo for adding those finishing touches, today’s blog post is perfect for you. Here, we’ve rounded up the must-know top wedding trends for 2019.

Living Coral

With Pantone revealing its ‘Colour of the Year 2019’ as ‘Living Coral’, unsurprisingly, we’re expecting to see the hue effortlessly incorporated into weddings. The thing about this colour is that’s it’s refreshing, cheery and bright, and so perfect for spring/summer weddings. Go all out and choose this colour for your bridesmaid dresses.  Or nod to the trend via your flowers, offering an easy way to add a splash of colour to your wedding day.

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Classic Style

One thing we learned from Meghan Markle is that simple, elegant dresses are a chic option. With the new Royal choosing a fitted, minimalist dress for her wedding, designers are following suit.  They’re creating gowns which are simplistic, yet gorgeous in their silhouette.

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Embracing The Great Outdoors

Thankfully, we’re not talking about getting married outdoors, which would rarely work in this country. Instead, couples are choosing to bring the great outdoors inside, thanks to the simple addition of flowers and foliage, which are more on the organic side. Whether it’s a statement tree, floral arch or addition of greenery in finishing touches, we can’t wait to see the infusion of this wedding trend this year.

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Extravagant Cakes

Last year definitely offered us a wealth of dramatic cakes and 2019’s mantra is the bigger the better. It’s all in the details, with metallics, personalised monogram toppers and elegant piping the order of the day. The emphasis is on a bespoke finish so get creative and choose a baker who can bring your vision to life.

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Sharp Suits

While menswear might have taken a turn for the worse (wedding trainers, anyone?), we’re pleased to say that 2019 will reinstate sharp suits, with terrific tailoring at the focus. With brides spending so much on their dress, fashion-conscious men are set to give them a run for their money, by having their suits custom made. And if this is too extravagant for you, choose a good quality three-piece suit for the perfect finish.

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Setting The Mood

Believe it or not, wedding scents are a real thing. Couples are choosing to set the mood for their wedding day by choosing candles, which reflect their personalities. Or, go a step further by having a signature scent made. Light these for your ceremony and set the tone for your day.

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Illustrated Invitations

Wedding invites are one of the few forms of post we receive these days (or at least the most exciting). Couples are really going to town on this by commissioning hand illustrated designs, which are effortlessly cute.

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Colourful Confetti

Colourful confetti gets a yes from us, if for nothing else but a spectacular photo and looks fantastic in slo-mo video. Your wedding day should be fun, which can be hard to portray in photos so this post-ceremony shot is an easy way to achieve this.

wedding confetti

And there you have it! What an amazing year 2019 is set to be. Will you be embracing any of these trends for your wedding day this year?

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