Wedding dress shopping tips to make the search for your dream dress a breeze!

For many brides, as soon they get engaged, one of the first things they turn their attention to is the search for that dream dress. Unless you’ve been married before, or have been a bridesmaid, you probably won’t really know much about what it involves. Thankfully, we’re here to help! Ensure you get your wedding dress shopping off to the perfect start thanks to our top tips for success.  Do also check out our fantastic range of ideas on our Pinterest Wedding Dresses Board.

Have A Budget and Stick To It

Before you hit the shops, have a price in mind, as this is one of the first things your bridal consultant will ask you. In fact, before you take on any aspect of wedding planning, determining your budget will help make the entire wedding planning experience a whole lot easier.

When it comes to your wedding dress budget, remember that this should include alterations, accessories such as your veil or headpiece, plus shoes and jewellery. Once you have a price point, stick to it, unless you are willing and able to save elsewhere.

Wedding Dress Shopping

Begin Your Search Early

Most bridal boutiques in Northern Ireland recommend you begin your search at least 12 months before your wedding. You’d be surprised by how long it takes to order a dress in. Then there’s fittings and alterations to consider too.

Find Your Style

A wedding dress really isn’t like anything you’ve ever worn before so research is vital to help give you a feel for what you like. With the world literally at our fingertips, thanks to the internet, finding some #weddingdressinspo has never been easier. Many brides will initially take to Pinterest, which is a great way to collate styles that catch your eye. If you find you are drawn to one particular silhouette or fabric, this should serve as a starting point when it comes to trying on dresses. You may also find one or two designers whose dresses make your heart flutter.  So it’s worth visiting bridal boutiques which stock a good number of their dresses.

wedding dress to suit your shape

Book Appointments

There are very few (if any) boutiques which will let you just turn up unannounced, so booking in advance is vital. Bring only a few key people with you as too many opinions can lead to chaos and confusion. Once you’ve determined a couple of dates which suit your #bridesquad, book a few appointments with boutiques. Why not make a day of it and treat yourselves to lunch too? Saturdays tend to be the busiest day at boutiques and go like gold dust.  So you’ll need to book well ahead, or consider a mid-week appointment if that suits.

Listen to your bridal consultant

You’d be surprised by the number of brides who tell me that they ended up choosing a dress which is the complete opposite to what they have in mind. Bridal consultants have a keen eye for fashion and they’ll take into account things such as your body shape, personal style and wedding venue to pick out some dresses which you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. The key is not to rule anything out.

buy a dress that suits your shape

Don’t buy a smaller size

Even if you plan on focusing on your health and fitness and dropping a few dress sizes before the wedding, resist temptation to buy a dress that’s too small now. No one needs that stress! Dressmakers are wizards and it’s amazing how much they can take a dress in. Plus, if you do plan to slim down (which we in no way endorse!), your overall body shape won’t change that much.  So buy your dress in your current size.

Don't buy a dress size too small

Examine The Small Print

When it comes to placing your order, go over the details with your consultant. Be clear on deposits and final balance due dates, make sure the measurements are correct and find out when it’s expected to arrive in store.

Bring Your Accessories To Your Fittings

Remember to wear nude, strapless underwear to all your bridal appointments in order to give you a better idea of the fit of your dress. When you return to the store for your fitting, bring along any accessories such as shoes and headpiece.  This will help you get an overall feel for how you’ll look on the day.

Go With Your Gut

Many brides just get a feeling when they try on a dress that it’s the one. While this won’t be the case for everyone, trust your instincts. If you can imagine wearing the dress on your wedding day, it’s a keeper.

wedding dress, the right one

Happy wedding dress planning!

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