Wedding Planning Tips & Ideas

by Kamaara Video

Everyone planning a wedding wants to be sure that their happy day will be one to remember. You’ll be marrying the person you love most in the world, so chances are the day will be pretty memorable for you no matter what. But, for guests who may attend many a wedding throughout the course of a year, what would make your nuptials something extra special?

Wedding guests may admire your colour scheme and compliment your dress but the thing that’s most likely to stick in their memories is having an amazing time. Here are a few tips on how you can help your guests to enjoy themselves and throw the best wedding party ever.

Get Their Song Requests

Ask your guests for their song requests along with their RSVPs. Whether you’re having a band, a DJ or just dancing to your own playlist, add your guests’ songs into the mix. That way no one has an excuse for staying off the dancefloor and everyone will feel involved in the wedding party.

Create Useful Wedding Favours

Gone are the days of sugared almonds. Make your wedding favours personal by giving your guests something thoughtful and useful. Homemade jam, a mini bottle of sloe gin, a teacup candle, a cocoa and marshmallow kit or a succulent plant are all dinky but special little gifts to consider.

Get Them to Mingle

A carefully constructed seating plan is a great way to get guests to chat beyond their usual friend and family groups. But there are other ways to encourage a little mingling. A trivia quiz on each table, a photo board showing pictures of the bride and groom with friends and family or even a few garden games like giant Jenga or quoits are all excellent ice-breakers.

Keep The Speeches Short

No one wants to listen to a father of the bride speech that rambles on for forty minutes. Give your speech-givers a time limit to work to. Your guests will definitely appreciate them keeping it short and sweet.

Keep Food and Drink Flowing

Keeping your guests well fed and watered is essential for getting them in the party mood. An all-night free bar would certainly do the trick. If that would break your budget, consider signature cocktails or a round of shots to get the party started once dinner is over.

Make Them Comfortable

For your female wedding guests, dancing the night away in high-heeled shoes can take its toll on the feet. Provide a basket of flip flops for anyone who wants to change their footwear part way through the night. Umbrellas for any smokers who want to head outside, a selection of toiletries in the women’s bathroom and a hangover cure kit for late night revellers are also sure to go down well.

Throwing the best wedding party ever is all about making your guests feel welcome and involved in the fun. Include thoughtful little extras when wedding planning to make your day live long in the memories of your family and friends.