Wedding Planning Tips & Ideas

by Kamaara Video

For brides in wedding planning mode, the start of a New Year can mean only one thing. New and exciting wedding trends to inspire their big day choices. For brides looking to stay ahead of the fashion curve, here are the 2018 wedding trends you need to know.

2018 Wedding Trend – Violet Colours

Pantone’s colour of the year always has a huge impact on wedding planning. Last year’s pure, green tone influenced a stripped back, minimalistic look for many a big day. But 2018’s Ultra Violet is sure to bring new energy and vibrancy to wedding colour palettes. Flowers, table decoration and stationery will all be invigorated with this purple hue.


See-Through Venues

Venues that give couples a blank canvas for their wedding vision will maintain their popularity this year. We’re sure to attend a number of weddings in pared back industrial spaces and classically appointed museums. But see-through spaces are about to take off too. Venues with floor to ceiling windows, clear marquees and beautiful old botanical greenhouses are set to be fully booked in 2018.

Photo by Emilce Giardino

Alternative Stationery

Paper has long been a logical choice for wedding stationery. Invites, place names, menu cards – it’s all been about colours and fonts rather than materials. But in 2018, more couples are set to ditch paper in favour of original options. Fabric, Perspex, stone or wood can all be incorporated for an adventurous and textured look.

                     From Buzzfeed

International Cuisine

This is the year to forget the sit-down, three-course wedding reception affair. Couples are choosing the foods they love for their wedding breakfast. From Mexican to Thai, Spanish to a good old American burger. And food vans are an increasingly popular option too. Not only do they provide great food and a fantastic talking point – they also free up some of that wedding budget to throw an almighty party later in the evening.


Photo by Cel Lisboa
Eclectic Dessert Tables

Brides and grooms are still looking for that classic cut-the-cake picture to put in their wedding album. But they’re also looking to expand the dessert offering for their guests. Rather than a standard dessert course, couples are presenting a table full of delicious sweet treats – from cookies to cupcakes, homemade trifles to gooey doughnuts.


Photo by Kelly Neil
Wedding Capes

If the wedding dress runways are anything to go by, capes are going to be huge in 2018. But we aren’t just talking mini-capelets. These are stylish midi and full-length capes that give brides all of the flowing beauty they’d get from a veil.

Hanging Flower Arrangements

We’ve seen a few of these around over the past few years. But 2018 will be the year that hanging flower arrangements take the wedding world by storm. Adding a sense of drama and height to any room, they make a real statement. And when table space is at a premium, as with trestle arrangements, they’re the perfect way to bring your florals into the mix.

If you’re planning a wedding this year, take note of these 2018 wedding trends. Incorporating them into your nuptials could make your big day really stand out from the crowd.