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by Kamaara Video

Looking for seasonal Spring wedding flowers? Here are some of the most beautiful blooms available in the UK throughout March, April and May.  There are many fabulous wedding florists in Northern Ireland. Here are a few to check out:

Floral Couture by David McConkey

Ditsy Floral Design



Spring wedding flowers - tulips

Tulips instantly make you think of spring. They’re at their best from mid-March to May. And they’re a perfect wedding flower because they come in such a wide variety of colours. From pure whites, through pastel shades to deep reds and purples – whatever wedding colour scheme you’re going for, tulips can be made to fit.

Cherry Blossom

Spring wedding flowers - cherry blossom

Cherry blossom famously blooms in Japan, where its fleeting beauty is celebrated every spring. But there are plenty of varieties here in the UK too. These delicate flowers come in shades of cream, peach and pink. And they can be used either as part of your bouquet or as a striking centrepiece.


lilac for your spring wedding

Lilac flowers are thought to signify first love, making them beautiful and meaningful spring wedding flowers. They come in a variety of different purple shades. And duskier tones work beautifully with a vintage wedding theme.


Hyacinths for your spring wedding

Hyacinths are usually available until around April. They come in purples, pinks, blues and whites and have a beautiful fragrance. Stems are quite short so these flowers work best in bouquets, as buttonholes and as cake decorations.

white hyacinths for your wedding

Pussy Willow

pussy willow flowers for your wedding

Pussy willow’s silky, silvery catkins appear in early spring. They look gorgeous in bouquets. But they’re also great for wedding decoration. Straight pussy willow branches give lots of height and impact as table centrepieces. And branches can be woven to create decorative wreathes, hearts and hair vines too.


Magnolia flowers come in beautiful shades of white and pink. They’re fairly big flowers and can be used to make a real statement. White blooms set against dark foliage look right at home as part of a contemporary spring wedding theme.

spring wedding flowers - allium

Ball-shaped allium flowers represent unity. What could be more fitting for your wedding day? With tall straight stems and circular clusters of purple flowers, alliums make for dramatic table centrepieces. They also look unbeatably stylish when carried in a minimal arrangement or just as a single stem.

Lily of the Valley

lily of the valley spring flowers

Lily of the valley flowers are classic and romantic. Both Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton chose lily of the valley for their wedding bouquets. And these small white flowers are incredibly versatile. You can pair them with other flowers or leave them to take centre stage in a bouquet on their own. They also work as buttonholes or woven into hair for a truly dreamy look.


Peonies for weddings

If your wedding is set for late spring, peonies should be coming into bloom. These romantic but striking flowers took centre stage at the royal wedding in May. Their big, frilly petals generally come in shades of white and pink. Splash out on a bouquet full of peonies or choose a few blooms of a bigger variety to add drama in a more varied arrangement.

peonies wedding flowers Peonies in a wedding bouquet

Spring brides have plenty of beautiful, seasonal spring flowers to choose from. Whether your wedding style is vintage, traditional, rustic or contemporary, you can find wonderful (and affordable) flowers to fit your theme.

To capture your beautiful wedding, no matter which season, make sure you hire a wedding videographer.  Contact us for availability.