Bad hair days happen to the best of us – but the last day you’d want this to happen is your wedding day! Your wedding hair and beauty prep can start months in advance of the big day.  Here we’ve put together some top tips on how to prepare your wedding hair.

Get Regular Trims

Healthy hair equals hair that looks good! While you might be trying to grow out your hair, don’t compromise on it’s health. On the run up to your wedding make sure you’re getting regular trims. Every 6-8 weeks a trim will keep your hair healthy and take off split ends. Trimming will also prevent breakage up to the big day.  This means your hair will look sleek and shiny as opposed to a frizzy mess!

How to prepare your wedding hair


Invest In Good Brushes

Your hairbrush can be adding to hair damage and loss. If you keep running that brush though damaged hair, you can actually be contributing to breakage and split ends.  By pulling and tugging through those bristles you will do a lot of damage. Invest in a high-quality brush, never brush wet hair, always comb. Furthermore make sure you’re gentle when brushing or combing to avoid further damage.  There are many types of brushes to suit the many different hair types.  Have a look at this range of brushes.

good hair brushes help to prepare your wedding hair
Deep Condition

Conditioner is one of the key ingredients for healthy, happy hair! On the run up to your wedding day, make sure you take the time to leave in your conditioner for a while.  This will allow it to penetrate the cuticle, making it stronger and more durable. You should also take the time for some deep conditioning treatments once a week.  This will keep your hair in good condition and tackle issues like dry and damaged hair which helps you prepare your wedding hair.

Deep condition to help prepare your wedding hair


The right supplements can give your hair growth an extra boost on the run up to your wedding.  Furthermore, this will help it stay healthy and strong. There are plenty of hair growth supplements and vitamins on the market, but the best bet is Vitamin B.  Vitamin B stimulates hair and nail growth, and has also been said to have skin benefits too!  Vitamin B is found in a variety of vegetables.

Eat good food for body, mind and hair!

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Wedding hair idea

Wedding hair idea

Wedding hair idea


For more inspiration take a look at our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles Board.

Now you know how to prepare your wedding hair and get it in the best shape for your wedding, check out our article on why a wedding makeup trial is so important.