Frequently Asked Questions

How do we make a booking?

Contact us to find out if we’re available on your date.  We film all your wedding day from prep to dancing.  Give us some details of when and where your wedding is and we will give you a price.  Once the deposit is paid your date is secured.  07977 593 694 or send us a message.  Check out our Prices Page here.

Do you have Gift Vouchers?

Yes. Gift Vouchers are a great idea, if your friends and family want to club together to buy your wedding video.  This is a great gift idea. Contact us to arrange this.

How much do your videos cost?

See our Prices Page .

We have one package.  We film all your wedding day from prep to dancing and include a short highlights video.  You can decide afterwards if you want a long version video.  Up to six months after your wedding.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is £150.  This secures your date and is non-refundable.  

Are travel expenses included in your price?
Usually yes but it depends how much travel is involved on the day. We can discuss this at the time of booking.
Do we choose our own music?

We will choose some great music for your highlights video to be shown on social media (if you want to share it on Facebook etc.) 

Or if you only want your highlights for your own private home use you can choose your favorite song.   If you decide to have a longer version video, you can choose three or four of your favourite songs.

We have a Photographer booked, do we need video too?

Yes. We recommend you definitely have a video.  It’s great to look back on all the fun of this special day, and video tells a better story than just the images.  Many of our clients say they prefer the video to the images!  In years to come, all your family with get to enjoy looking back on this special time. 

Do you take photographs?

We specialise in making videos, but we can recommend some really good photographers if you need help with this.  Call us to find out who.

What is the difference between cinematic and documentary style videos?

Cinematic style videos have strong visual content which engage the audience emotionally. Lots of camera movement, sliding shots and other shooting techniques as well as specialist editing which all contributes to the overall cinematic effect.

Editing in cinematic style takes a lot of skill and time to produce effective work.

Documentary videos are filmed and edited pretty much in the order they happen.  So, we use a blend of both.  The highlights video is more cinematic, while the longer version is more documentary style.

Do you meet couples before the wedding?

Yes, if possible we like to meet beforehand to hear all your wedding plans and get to know you as a couple.  It’s great to get a feel for the style of wedding you have planned and what we can expect to film on the day.

What areas do you cover and do you film weddings overseas?

We mainly cover all of the Northern Ireland, Co. Cavan, Co. Monaghan, and Co. Louth.  If you’re having a destination wedding, we are more than happy to travel wherever you need us to be.

How many cameras do you use?

We use two cameras for every wedding.  We also have a drone camera for aerial footage – if the weather conditions are good enough.

Do you use a drone camera for aerial shots?

Yes, we can use a drone camera, though it depends on weather conditions and the location of the wedding.  Aerial shots are stunning, but some locations need special permission for drone filming. We can easily check this out for you if you have chosen your venue already.

How long are the finished videos?

The highlights video is around 15 minutes.  The video is sent to you via electronic link.  This means you can easily share your wedding with all your friends and family.  

If you decide, after your wedding, that you would like a longer version video of an hour or so, we will give you a price for this.  

How long does it take for us to get our video?

We aim to have your highlights video ready within two weeks of your wedding.  If you want a longer version video, we aim to have it ready within two weeks of your order. 

Longer version videos are only available to order up to six months from your wedding date.

Will you use our video to advertise your business?

We always ask permission to use your wedding footage for promotional work.  You have the right to refuse.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.  Check out our T&Cs.

Do you need food on the day of our wedding?
Yes please, that would be great and much appreciated.  A light snack or something simple is enough to keep us going thanks.