Every engagement ring tells the story of your proposal and your life together, so far. But every gemstone has a hidden story.  Here we take a look at some precious stones and find out what they represent:

Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring - Kamaara Wedding Video Blog

Diamonds are forever, so the song and the saying goes.  Not only that but over the years, a diamond has come to represent many different things. The Ancient Greeks said diamonds were the tears of the gods.  In contrast the Romans said they were stardust fallen to earth.  Because of their strength, diamonds are  associated with invincibility.  This gemstone is also seen as a stone of innocence and purity because of it is so clear. As it is the strongest gemstone, a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring will stand the test of time. 


Emerald Engagement Ring

In ancient times, emeralds were seen as symbols of fertility and immortality. The Inca worshipped them.  Aristotle believed they protected against illness.  They’ve been known as a stone of truth.  Emeralds are also thought to be restful to the eyes. Put this legend to the test next time you’re bogged down in wedding spreadsheets!  A look at your emerald engagement ring might make all of your worries float away!  Queen Cleopatra loved emeralds.  It’s said she wore them to enhance her beauty.



Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphires are strong vivid and oh so blue! Sapphire engagement rings became big news when Prince Charles proposed to Diana with a hefty blue stone. The sapphire has always been a royal stone.  Old kings and queens believing the stone protected them from envy and disloyalty.




A ruby engagement ring is said to bring passionate love to your marriage.  These gemstones have always been associated with energy, passion and light. Your ruby engagement ring could have purple or orange hues too as well as ruby red. Throughout history, rubies have been worn by soldiers to protect them in battle.   Kings believed the stone helped them to develop their power and wealth.


So, your engagement ring gemstone isn’t just a beautiful piece of jewellery. It comes with a long history, a few ancient legends and some beautiful meanings too.

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