Wedding Planning Tips & Ideas

by Kamaara Video

Weddings have long been known for their excess. But many couples are now choosing to consider the environment when planning their big day. For eco-conscious brides and grooms, here are our top eco-friendly wedding ideas:

Eco-Friendly Wedding Flowers

Around 90% of cut flowers in the UK are imported. This means a huge cost to the environment in terms of transport. And then there’s all of the chemicals used to preserve them throughout their journey too. Choosing locally grown and seasonal flower varieties is a much more environmentally friendly way to do things. Alternatively, ditch the flowers altogether and opt for a bouquet of recycled paper blooms.


DIY Wedding Bouquet


Eco-Friendly Wedding Stationery

Choosing recycled paper for your wedding invites and stationery is an obvious choice for the eco-conscious bride. Not only that but you can also try to cut back on the paper you use – recycled or otherwise. Postcard RSVPs mean no unnecessary envelopes. Furthermore a few menus per table rather than one per guest will suffice. And, with a wedding website, you don’t need to send reams of paper explaining essential wedding day information.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Transport

Transporting you and your guests around the country (or the world) for your wedding day isn’t very kind to the environment. So, to make your wedding that bit greener, choose venues that are close to home. Even better, walk to or between your ceremony and reception venues. And if the walk would prove too strenuous for some, organise a shuttle so guests can share a ride rather than each hopping into their own car.  If the wedding venue is close to where you live you could always opt for a horse-drawn carriage.  Here is one example: George Fawcett Carriages

eco-friendly wedding ideas - horse and carriage

Eco-Friendly Wedding Food

The food you eat on the big day can leave a huge carbon footprint. Choose your caterers carefully. Those who use seasonal and local produce will have less impact on the environment than those who source exotic ingredients from all around the world. The same goes for your wedding cake. Organic, sustainable, seasonal and local ingredients are always the best bet.  Yellow Door is a top caterer you really need to check out.



Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours

Re-use jam jars and fill them with homemade preserves. Give all of your guests a packet of wildflower seeds to plant in their gardens – great for local wildlife and a lovely reminder of your wedding for guests – one of many special eco-friendly wedding ideas. Find ethically-made keepsakes like soaps or candles online. Just be sure to cut back on any unnecessary packaging and make your favours useful. That way they won’t end up in the bin as soon as your guests get home.


Eco-Friendly Decoration

Decorating your venue in an environmentally friendly way means not choosing items that have to be thrown away at the end of the day. A wedding venue that looks beautiful with minimal decoration is a good starting point. Table centrepieces can be hired. Alternatively, source quirky DIY wedding decoration from markets and charity shops. And then donate them back when they’re finished with.

Wedding Signs

Your wedding day can be both stunning and kind to the environment. Eco-friendly weddings are growing in popularity so there are plenty of venues and suppliers out there who can make your green wedding dreams into a reality.

Your wedding video will capture all the beautiful eco-friendly wedding ideas you have created for your wedding day.  Contact us to book your wedding video today.