Wedding Planning Tips & Ideas

by Kamaara Video

Are you thinking about Do It Yourself wedding makeup? Here are some tips and ideas to help keep you right for your big day.

1. Skin Prep

Whether you’re doing your own wedding makeup or having it done professionally, skin prep is vital in advance of your special day.  Read this blog post from Brides on prepping your skin.  With the right skin care regime, you’ll feel confident, look beautiful and glow on your wedding day.

DIY Wedding Makeup

2. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice some new techniques and colours. But don’t leave the trials until your big day!  Wear a white top to check your look against the white of your wedding dress.  Or against whatever colour you’ll be wearing on the day. Keep practicing your look until you have it down to a tee. Take photos to check how you look. Once you’ve perfected it, write down all the products and brushes you used and how you used them. Everything you’ll be using will be set out and ready to rock you on the morning of your wedding!  Have your notes made and everything left out the night before. Being organised like this will help you stay calm on the day and not forget a thing – even with all the wedding day excitement!

3. Try New Colours

Think about your wedding theme. This may give you some thoughts on the style of makeup to try. The season you’re getting married, will give you some ideas on colours to try. For example if you’re having a Spring wedding, try bright colours. For Summer, try soft shades to tone with your summer skin glow. Autumn – rich red and rustic colours. Winter try shimmery tones like the frost of winter. Experiment to find out what’s right for you and what you feel comfortable and happy wearing.

4. Primer

Don’t forget the primer!  Lots of women skip primer in their day-to-day makeup, but you’ll need it on your wedding day! A layer of primer under your makeup will help to smooth your skin and give a base for the rest of your makeup.  It will ensure your makeup stays on throughout the day!

5. Foundation

Be choosey about foundation.  Go to the experts to help you find the perfect foundation. You’ll need to find a base that is the right match for your skin type and tone.  Use something that will create a natural look. Head to the makeup counters and try lots of different types to find that perfect match.

6. Sun Protection Factor

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you’ll need a Sun Protection Factor. But make sure it’s not included in your foundation. SPF can cause a white cast in photos, especially with flash, and this can make you look washed out in your wedding photos.

7. Touch Up Bag

So, you’ve decided which products to use and how much to apply.  You’ve got the look nailed! No matter how well your makeup is applied either by you or your professional makeup artist, you will always need to touch up a little throughout the day.

Touch up bag essentials:

  • lipstick and lipliner
  • face powder and brush
  • small pack of tissues (for the emotional moments and to protect the top of your dress while you top up the makeup)
  • small pack of wet wipes is always useful too.

Ask your bridesmaids to look after your touch-up bag so you’ll have it to hand whenever you need it.

8. Video Makeup Tutorial

Here’s a great video, really useful for your DIY Wedding Makeup.  ‘Classic Bridal Makeup Tutorial – DIY Bride’ by Elanna Pecherl

9. And when you’re camera ready…

Get in touch with Margaret at Kamaara to find out what we can do for you on your wedding day!  We work throughout Northern Ireland, the border counties and beyond. See what our customers say about us in this video.Watch this short video to see what a few of our brides think of our service.