Things To Do When You Get Engaged

Things To Do When You Get Engaged

With the festive season comes an influx of new engagements. After you come back down to earth, you may find yourself wondering: “What happens next?”  Not sure where to start? Don’t panic! We’re here to help with this list of things to do as soon as you get engaged.


1. Spread the news

Before you begin sharing photos on Instagram or Facebook, there are a select group of people who would more than likely prefer to hear your news from you, rather than seeing it on a screen. Whether it’s your parents, siblings or close friends, tell them in person that you’ve just got engaged.  Before the social media status update.

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2. Book a Manicure

Although it definitely isn’t necessary, many like to kick start their engagement by having a manicure. Besides, with all eyes on you – not to mention that ring, treating yourself to a manicure will keep your hands and nails in tip-top condition, perfect for ensuring your new bling is showcased to perfection.

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3. Celebrate in style

Start the next chapter of your lives together by marking the occasion. Whether it’s a romantic hotel break with your fiancé, a family meal or a big engagement party, celebrate getting engaged in a way that suits your style.

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4. Book an engagement shoot

A popular way to mark getting engaged is by booking an engagement shoot.  Before the chaos of wedding planning begins, this can be a lovely way to celebrate your love, with a beautiful set of prints that you can cherish together. Also, make sure to get a video shoot done of your engagement!  A great way to add to your wedding video and all your cherished memories of this time of your life.  Also, make it extra special, choose a location with sentimental value to you both.

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5. Get your ring insured

A task that’s easy to neglect, but important none-the-less, getting your new ring insured will offer you peace of mind should anything unforeseen happen to it. Thankfully, adding your engagement ring to your home insurance policy is pretty easy and cheap.

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6. Get your ring resized

And on that subject, if your other-half surprised you by choosing the ring himself, and it doesn’t fit you perfectly, have it resized by a professional jeweller to avoid the risk of it slipping off!

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7. Enjoy it!

There’s no doubt that planning a wedding is a pretty big deal, and therefore it comes with its own stresses. So, before you get stuck in, allow yourself a few weeks off to enjoy your new engagement and enjoy it before the work begins.

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8. Decide on a date

When you do begin planning, kick things off by looking at suitable dates. Remember, the most popular wedding venues often book up years in advance, so if you’re considering getting married in the next year or two, choose a few dates that work for you and your family so that you have options.

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9. Get inspired

Deciding on what type of wedding day you want requires a little research, which thankfully, is a lot more fun than it suits. In the modern age of technology, there are a wealth of wedding planning apps at your fingertips. Plus, Pinterest and Instagram will offer you a wealth of #inspo. Finally, check out a few local wedding fairs. These are a great way to get the scope on a range of suppliers, in one handy place.  We’ve highlighted some wedding suppliers you need to know about from Belfast and from Co. Down in recent blog articles to get you started.  Follow us on Facebook. Buy a wedding planner like this one to help you get organised and give you lots of ideas.

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10. Money talks

While it’s probably the least romantic part of wedding planning, it’s definitely the most important. Before you book a thing, decide on a budget and what you can spend on each element. Finally, stick to it so that you save yourself much heartache in the long run.

11. Choose your bride squad

A definite highlight of wedding planning, is getting to spend plenty of time with those closest to you, especially your bride squad. Choose your bridesmaids and ask them to be by your side in the lead up to the wedding and on the big day itself.

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12. Revel in it!

Make sure you continue to revel in your engagement and soak up the romance of it all. There’s no denying that planning a wedding can be a stressful experience so don’t lose sight of why you’re doing it. Schedule date nights once a week and make it a wedding-talk free zone.

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Remember to have a look at our ideas and inspiration blog to help you through this exciting planning stage.  For your wedding video contact us to check we are available for your date!  All day filming!  Great rate!

Happy Planning!

Planning a Wedding in Six Months?

Planning a Wedding in Six Months?

If you’re planning a wedding in six months.  Here’s some top tips to help you.

With some top level organisation and a willingness to let some of the little things go, then it is definitely possible. Here’s our timeline for what you need to do each month leading up to your big day.

Six Months to Go

First things first, no matter what date you’re planning your wedding, you will need to decide on a wedding budget. This will help you to allocate funds to each area of your wedding. It will also stop your dreams from running away with your bank balance. Also near the top of your list this month is the wedding dress. It may take some time for that dream dress to be delivered and altered so set about finding “the one” as soon as you can.

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Five Months to Go

Next task on the list is the wedding venue and date. With short notice, you’ll have to be flexible on one or the other. To get your dream venue you might need to get married on a weekday or look for late availability venues instead. When your venue is sorted, send invitations out to your guest list.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Four Months To Go

This is the month to get your photographer, videographer, caterers, florist and entertainment booked for the big day. Planning the wedding in just six months, you might have to resign yourself to a few of your second choices. But focus on the positives! You’ll have a ball sampling wedding cake and picking your playlist.

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Photo by John-Mark Kuznietsov

Three Months to Go

Start chasing any late RSVPs this month. That way you should soon have guest numbers to pass on to your suppliers. Also begin the search for any bridal party outfits. If you have a number of bridesmaids, getting everyone in the same place to try something on can be a logistical challenge in itself.

Photo by Andre Hunter

Two Months to Go

It’s time to focus on those little extras that will make your day unique. Table decorations, your wedding shoes, the rings and jewellery should all be on your shopping list for this month.

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Photo by Anne Edgar

One Month to Go

With one month to go, test out your wedding make-up and hairstyle to be sure you’re happy with your look for the day. Now is also the time when all RSVPs should be in and you can create your table plan without going back to make amendments.

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Photo by Brendan Church

Photo by Brendan Church

Then, sit back, relax and look forward to your “I dos”. It’s sure to have been a very busy time. But for impatient brides, there’s no reason to prolong an engagement. With organisation and flexibility you could be happily married to the man of your dreams in just six short months.

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Beautiful Seasonal Flowers for a Winter Wedding

Beautiful Seasonal Flowers for a Winter Wedding

If you’re planning a winter wedding for next year, it’s about time to start choosing your florist and your flowers. These days a good florist can get you any flower you want at any time of year. Many blooms are imported from abroad so our weather doesn’t have to dictate the flowers you choose for your bouquet, buttonholes and centrepieces.

However, seasonal wedding blooms can play a big part in creating a striking winter theme for your big day. Your florist can pair flowers with winter foliage, berries and even pine cones to accentuate the seasonal feel. Seasonal flowers are also very kind to your wedding budget as imported or artificially cultivated flowers usually cost a lot more.

Looking for inspiration? Browse through our selection of beautiful seasonal winter wedding flowers, all found in Ireland during December, January or February:


Roses are available all year round and come in an extensive range of colours. Soft creams make for a romantic feel whilst ruby reds can add to the drama if you’re going for a colour scheme of rich winter tones.


It’s the Algerian iris variety that flowers throughout the winter months. This flower is vibrant and comes with either deep blue or purple petals. The iris is thought to represent faith and hope so it can be a meaningful addition to your wedding bouquet.


Also known as Baby’s Breath, gypsophila’s small clustered flowers are often used as a filler in floral arrangements. However, a bouquet made up almost entirely of this beautiful bloom creates a very romantic and ethereal feel.


We all know this flower better by its common name, the daffodil. Varieties of narcissi that flower early in the year (some even before Christmas) usually have a less intensely yellow petal than the ones that sprout up come spring. These delicate cream flowers are a perfect addition to a bouquet of sophisticated, muted tones.


Sometimes referred to as the winter rose because it can flower even in the deepest midwinter, hellebores comes in a variety of colours. There are cream and almost black varieties as well as subtle pink and purple shades with lovely dappled petals.


Anemones are another early flowering plant with medium sized blousy flowers and some great colour options. The large, dark centre of the anemone can make for really striking and modern bouquets, particularly if you opt for flowers with paler petals.


Waxflower is part of the myrtle family and it begins flowering in the late winter. It’s an incredibly pretty and delicate plant, with clusters of tiny flowers, usually available in whites, creams and pale pinks.


An icon of Christmas, poinsettia plants are a common winter sight and the perfect flower if your wedding falls over the festive season. The poinsettia’s bright red flowers make a bold and dramatic addition to any flower arrangement.


When it comes to choosing seasonal wedding flowers, there are certainly fewer options in the winter. Nevertheless, with blooms as beautiful as these, you’re sure to find something to match your theme, your colour scheme and your wedding vision.

10 Creative (and Budget Friendly) Ideas for your DIY Wedding

10 Creative (and Budget Friendly) Ideas for your DIY Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding on a budget, it’s time to get creative. There are plenty of ways to spend less on your wedding whilst still making your day as beautiful as it can be. Here are ten ideas for your DIY wedding:

1. Craft Your Own Stationery
With a little craft initiative and a few crafty friends to help, there’s no reason you can’t make your save the dates, invitations, place names and wedding menu cards yourself. Paint, stencil, draw or head to the computer to create wedding stationery exactly to your own vision.

2. Paper Garlands
Additionally paper garlands can be used to decorate pretty much every inch of your wedding day. Create a striking photo wall backdrop, droop them along chair backs or hang them from the ceiling for beautiful decorations in the colour scheme of your choice.

3. Flowers
Create paper flower bouquets or arrange flowers yourself to save some cash. You can get flowers cheaply by heading down to the flower market or even sourcing blooms from your own garden.  Take a look at this Guide to DIY flowers.

4. Inexpensive Props
For inexpensive table centrepieces, visit second hand and charity shops in the run up to your wedding. You could find lovely vintage vases, old birdcages, china tea cups and a whole world of quirky knickknacks that will add a sense of individuality to your wedding decoration.

5. Rose Petal Confetti
If someone in your family grows roses, you’re onto a winner. If not, you can sometimes haggle and get a good price at the flower market towards the end of the trading day. Once you have your roses, dry the petals in the oven to create your own rose petal confetti.

6. Crafty Wedding Favours
DIY wedding favours are an increasingly fashionable as well as cost saving option. Make your own jam, cookies or sloe gin to give to your guests. You could even give everybody a packet of seeds to grow or treat them to a little bag of pick and mix sweets.

7. Alternative Bridal Party Gifts
You can spend a ton of money on thank you gifts for the mothers of the bride and groom, best man and bridesmaids. Give alternative presents such as a champagne brunch at home for your girls or homemade, personalised crafty gifts.

8. Home Baked Treats
Ask your guests to bring home baked cakes or biscuits for the dessert table. And before the wedding, shop around in charity stores to find pretty cake stands and plates on which to present them.

9. Jam Jar Candle Holders
Collect old jam jars and use them as candle holders to put on tables during the reception. If you’re feeling extra crafty you could decorate the jars with ribbon or your own painted design.


10. DIY Photo Booth
With some props, an old frame and a camera with a timer setting, you can create your own DIY photo booth. Even easier, find and put up a mirror and encourage people to take their own selfies before uploading them with the wedding hashtag.

A DIY wedding isn’t just a way to save a bit of money. The decorations you make and creative touches you add will personalise your day and make it a truly memorable occasion.