Fermanagh Wedding Suppliers

Fermanagh Wedding Suppliers

With gorgeous loughs and idyllic scenery, it isn’t surprising that County Fermanagh is a hot spot for weddings at the minute. If you’ve chosen this area for your wedding day, no doubt you’ll be keen to source local suppliers who can help bring your wedding day vision to life. Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here, we round-up some of Fermanagh’s most fabulous wedding suppliers to help make your wedding planning experience a breeze!


Photographer: Photography by Ciara

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Photography by Ciara

What drew Ciara to photography was getting to capture those little details which would otherwise be lost forever. Her style is unobtrusive. She works away in the background photographing true moments as they happen.  All her work has a fresh and creative perspective. Her website effortlessly showcases her work, all of which is quite frankly breathtaking. View her portfolio of work here.


Venue: Lough Erne

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Lough Erne Resort

This luxurious, award winning 5-star hotel in Enniskillen is number one on many couple’s wedding venues wish list. This isn’t surprising given its one-of-a-kind location, exceptional service and attention to detail. This Fermanagh hotel offers stunning 360-degree views.  Also, the exquisite Ross Suite and Lakeview terrace combine to create a real life fairy-tale setting to celebrate your wedding.  This beautiful setting provides a stunning backdrop for your wedding photography. Visit the wedding section on the website here.


Flowers: Forget Me Knot

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Photo by Ciaran Conlon

Louise is the force behind Forget Me Knot. She qualified with a Professional Business of Floristry Diploma from the world-renowned Judith Blacklock Flower School in London. She combines technical skill with her love of colour, design and the countryside to create nature-inspired flowers that brides absolutely love! Check out her work online here.


Wedding dress boutique: Diamonds & Pearls

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Diamonds & Pearls Bridal Boutique


Choosing your wedding dress should be an amazing experience and that’s exactly what the team at Diamonds & Pearls aims for. The family-run Fermanagh business offers an array of beautiful gowns at affordable prices.  They provide one-on-one consultations to give the privacy and attention that finding your dream dress deserves. Follow them on Facebook here.


Cake: Lough Erne Cakes

Wedding Videos NI Lough Erne Cakes

Lough Erne Cakes is run by qualified professional chef and pastry chef Baiba Lauze. Baiba has over twenty years of experience in baking. She specialises in deliciously different cakes for all occasions. She has honed her skills working in the world famous Lough Erne Golf Resort, and has gained a considerable reputation in her field. Together with her daughter, the duo has been whipping up delicious masterpieces together since 2011. Visit their website here.

Décor specialist: Classic Chair Covers

Wedding Videos NI Classic Chair Covers



Don’t be fooled by the name! Classic Chair Covers offers more than just its title. Fairy light backdrops, centerpieces, ceremony decoration, topiary trees and table runners are just a few of the wedding décor requests that this Fermanagh company can meet. If you have a vision for how you would like your wedding day to look, Classic Chair Covers will help bring it to life. Find out more about what they do online here.


Hair and make-up: Grainne Moane

Wedding Videos NI Hair and Makeup by Grainne Moane


No doubt you’ll want your wedding morning to be a relaxed, fun experience with your bridal party.   Thanks to Grainne Moane, this is possible. By booking the services of the same hair and make-up artist, you will be treated to a seamless experience. Plus, Grainne can come to you.   So,  there is no rushing around on the morning of your wedding. Grainne creates hair and makeup styles which perfectly complement not only each other but your overall wedding day style. Find her on Facebook here.


Menswear: SD Kells

Wedding Videos NI Suits by SD Kells


The iconic SD Kells has been suiting and booting men for their wedding days for years. So you can rest assured that your groom is in safe hands. The Fermanagh store offers a wide range of suits. These are available to hire or purchase ranging from traditional to modern styles. For more information, visit their website here.

And of course, your wedding is not complete until it has been beautifully filmed and edited by Kamaara Video Productions.  Contact us today to find out if we’re available to film your special day.


Top Wedding Trends 2019

Top Wedding Trends 2019

2018 offered us two Royal weddings, meaning that it felt like the year of weddings. However, here at Kamaara, we love a brand new year! It brings with it a fresh host of wedding trends, and 2019 is set to be a good one. If you’ve chosen this year to say your “I dos” and need a little #inspo for adding those finishing touches, today’s blog post is perfect for you. Here, we’ve rounded up the must-know top wedding trends for 2019.

Living Coral

With Pantone revealing its ‘Colour of the Year 2019’ as ‘Living Coral’, unsurprisingly, we’re expecting to see the hue effortlessly incorporated into weddings. The thing about this colour is that’s it’s refreshing, cheery and bright, and so perfect for spring/summer weddings. Go all out and choose this colour for your bridesmaid dresses.  Or nod to the trend via your flowers, offering an easy way to add a splash of colour to your wedding day.


Classic Style

One thing we learned from Meghan Markle is that simple, elegant dresses are a chic option. With the new Royal choosing a fitted, minimalist dress for her wedding, designers are following suit.  They’re creating gowns which are simplistic, yet gorgeous in their silhouette.


Embracing The Great Outdoors

Thankfully, we’re not talking about getting married outdoors, which would rarely work in this country. Instead, couples are choosing to bring the great outdoors inside, thanks to the simple addition of flowers and foliage, which are more on the organic side. Whether it’s a statement tree, floral arch or addition of greenery in finishing touches, we can’t wait to see the infusion of this wedding trend this year.


Extravagant Cakes

Last year definitely offered us a wealth of dramatic cakes and 2019’s mantra is the bigger the better. 2018’s royal weddings are definitely set to spur couples into making more opulent choices when it comes to their cake. And it’s all in the details, with metallics, personalised monogram toppers and elegant piping the order of the day. The emphasis is on a bespoke finish so get creative and choose a baker who can bring your vision to life.


Sharp Suits

While menswear might have taken a turn for the worse (wedding trainers, anyone?), we’re pleased to say that 2019 will reinstate sharp suits, with terrific tailoring at the focus. With brides spending so much on their dress, fashion-conscious men are set to give them a run for their money, by having their suits custom made. And if this is too extravagant for you, choose a good quality three-piece suit for the perfect finish.


Setting The Mood

Believe it or not, wedding scents are a real thing. Couples are choosing to set the mood for their wedding day by choosing candles, which reflect their personalities. Or, go a step further by having a signature scent made. Light these for your ceremony and set the tone for your day.

Illustrated Invitations

Wedding invites are one of the few forms of post we receive these days (or at least the most exciting). Couples are really going to town on this by commissioning hand illustrated designs, which are effortlessly cute.


Colourful Confetti

Colourful confetti gets a yes from us, if for nothing else but a spectacular photo and looks fantastic in slo-mo video. Your wedding day should be fun, which can be hard to portray in photos so this post-ceremony shot is an easy way to achieve this.

And there you have it! What an amazing year 2019 is set to be. Will you be embracing any of these trends for your wedding day this year?

Remember to book your Wedding Video!  The most important aspect of your wedding is having it recorded for posterity.  Contact us now to find out if we are available for your date.

Wedding Dress Shopping? Top Tips to Find Your Dream Dress

Wedding Dress Shopping? Top Tips to Find Your Dream Dress

Wedding dress shopping tips to make the search for your dream dress a breeze!

For many brides, as soon they get engaged, one of the first things they turn their attention to is the search for that dream dress. Unless you’ve been married before, or have been a bridesmaid, you probably won’t really know much about what it involves. Thankfully, we’re here to help! Ensure you get your wedding dress shopping off to the perfect start thanks to our top tips for success.

Have A Budget and Stick To It

Before you hit the shops, have a price in mind, as this is one of the first things your bridal consultant will ask you. In fact, before you take on any aspect of wedding planning, determining your budget will help make the entire wedding planning experience a whole lot easier.

When it comes to your wedding dress budget, remember that this should include alterations, accessories such as your veil or headpiece, plus shoes and jewellery. Once you have a price point, stick to it, unless you are willing and able to save elsewhere.

Wedding Dress Budget

Begin Your Search Early

Most bridal boutiques in Northern Ireland recommend you begin your search at least 12 months before your wedding. You’d be surprised by how long it takes to order a dress in. Then there’s fittings and alterations to consider too.

Find Your Style

A wedding dress really isn’t like anything you’ve ever worn before so research is vital to help give you a feel for what you like. With the world literally at our fingertips, thanks to the internet, finding some #weddingdressinspo has never been easier. Many brides will initially take to Pinterest, which is a great way to collate styles that catch your eye. If you find you are drawn to one particular silhouette or fabric, this should serve as a starting point when it comes to trying on dresses. You may also find one or two designers whose dresses make your heart flutter.  So it’s worth visiting bridal boutiques which stock a good number of their dresses.

wedding dress to suit your shape

Book Appointments

There are very few (if any) boutiques which will let you just turn up unannounced, so booking in advance is vital. Bring only a few key people with you as too many opinions can lead to chaos and confusion. Once you’ve determined a couple of dates which suit your #bridesquad, book a few appointments with boutiques. Why not make a day of it and treat yourselves to lunch too? Saturdays tend to be the busiest day at boutiques and go like gold dust.  So you’ll need to book well ahead, or consider a mid-week appointment if that suits.

Listen to your bridal consultant

You’d be surprised by the number of brides who tell me that they ended up choosing a dress which is the complete opposite to what they have in mind. Bridal consultants have a keen eye for fashion and they’ll take into account things such as your body shape, personal style and wedding venue to pick out some dresses which you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. The key is not to rule anything out.

wedding dress consultant

Don’t buy a smaller size

Even if you plan on focusing on your health and fitness and dropping a few dress sizes before the wedding, resist temptation to buy a dress that’s too small now. No one needs that stress! Dressmakers are wizards and it’s amazing how much they can take a dress in. Plus, if you do plan to slim down (which we in no way endorse!), your overall body shape won’t change that much.  So buy your dress in your current size.

wedding dress sizes

Examine The Small Print

When it comes to placing your order, go over the details with your consultant. Be clear on deposits and final balance due dates, make sure the measurements are correct and find out when it’s expected to arrive in store.

Bring Your Accessories To Your Fittings

Remember to wear nude, strapless underwear to all your bridal appointments in order to give you a better idea of the fit of your dress. When you return to the store for your fitting, bring along any accessories such as shoes and headpiece.  This will help you get an overall feel for how you’ll look on the day.

Go With Your Gut

Many brides just get a feeling when they try on a dress that it’s the one. While this won’t be the case for everyone, trust your instincts. If you can imagine wearing the dress on your wedding day, it’s a keeper.

wedding dress, the right one

Happy wedding dress planning!

Remember to contact us for your Wedding Video 🙂

Wedding Day Nerves? 6 Tips On How to Cope

Wedding Day Nerves? 6 Tips On How to Cope

Your wedding day – it’s up there with your driving test, job interviews and those long gone first dates for turning you into a bag of nerves. Almost every bride experiences some degree of anxiety on her wedding day. But if you’re worried that wedding day nerves will get the better of you, take a look at our six top tips for coping with them:


When we get stressed the body responds in a number of ways. Our breath gets shallow and rapid and our muscles start to tense. This can make us feel even more panicked than we already did! When you feel the wedding nerves starting to rise, take a moment. Try to take big, deep breaths and relax your body. This will help to calm you down, cope with the nerves and refocus your mind on all the many positives of the big day ahead.  Try this breathing exercise for stress from the NHS website.

Eat and Drink

You’ll likely be drinking before, after and during the wedding reception so pacing yourself is pretty important. However, an early glass of bubbly (or two) can really take the edge off your nerves.  Crack open a bottle when you’re all getting ready. And be sure to eat a decent breakfast too or at least a glass of water and a sandwich. When you’re feeling hungry and your blood sugar’s low, you’re much more likely to get anxious, shaky and irritable.

wedding day nerves - food and water


Share the Load

A bride often ends up feeling like she’s holding the whole day together all by herself. But you don’t have to do it alone. Share out tasks for your wedding day amongst your bridal party. Even just talking about your wedding day worries with your nearest and dearest can help.

talk, talk, talk to help you relax


Make a List

Sometimes our thoughts get away from us and we end up with a general feeling of anxiety we can’t pinpoint or escape. Write down everything you’re worrying about. It may be that the list is much shorter than you’d imagined. And you may find that seeing your concerns on paper, you can come up with some practical ways to address them.

Make a List


Get Some Exercise

Find the time for a session in the gym or a good stroll in the country the day or evening before your wedding. Doing exercise releases endorphins into the brain. These feel-good chemicals can improve your mood and help to reduce anxiety. Exercise could also help you to get a good night’s sleep meaning you’ll be well-rested in preparation for the big day.

exercise and release the happy endorphins


Let The Little Things Go

There may be some minor setbacks on your wedding day. But does it really matter if you have exactly the right shade of pink for your chair covers? Or that you’re short on ribbons for your jam jar candle holders? Let the little things go and focus on what’s important – you’ll soon be marrying the person you love most in the world – days don’t get much better than that!

Once you see your other half at the end of that aisle, any wedding day nerves are sure to disappear. In the meantime, try out our nerve-busting tips to make the most of every minute of your wonderful wedding day.

Take a look at this Yoga routine to help you relax and unwind before bedtime.  The exercises start at 1:14.

10 Co. Down Wedding Suppliers You Need to Know

10 Co. Down Wedding Suppliers You Need to Know


Last month’s wedding vendors proved so popular that we’re back again! If you’re planning a wedding in County Down, you’re in luck! Here, we’ve rounded up 10 suppliers you definitely need to know about.

Photographer: Des Rowan

If you’re on the search for a photographer with an unobtrusive approach to capturing your wedding day, make Des Rowan your first port of call. Des prefers to allow things to unfold naturally and capture these genuine moments as they happen from a creative prospective. He has a lifelong passion for pictures and a love of capturing people in a meaningful way.  As a top wedding supplier you can be sure that Des will effortlessly tell your wedding day story. Get a feel for his photography here.

Photography by Des Rowan


Venue: The Carriage Rooms at Montalto

Finding the venue of your dreams is no easy feat! But thanks to the award-winning Carriage Rooms, you can tick another thing off that wedding planning list. Acclaimed as one of the top 100 best wedding venues worldwide, it lives up to this bold claim.  This venue delivers on setting, service and style for your wedding day. Ideal for the couple with a bespoke wedding day in mind.  This place exudes a mood of extravagant opulence, fused with a relaxed ambience. Get more information on their website here.

Photography by Gather and Tides


Florist: Wedding Designs by David McConkey

An award-winning florist renowned for a personal service dedicated to each couple ensures that David McConkey is in hot demand. Staying ahead of the latest trends, David’s bespoke creations truly are a work of art. Guests will leave your wedding with a lasting impression of the abundance of beautiful flowers. To check David’s availability for your wedding, get in touch here.



Drinks vendor: Coffee Angels

At Kamaara, we are all about wedding days with a difference, so we were delighted to stumble upon Coffee Angels. This little tuk tuk is proving a hit with guests. This is perfect for treating them to barista coffee, tea, hot chocolate and baked treats. It’s ideal for that in-between the ceremony and reception stage.   It would also definitely be welcomed at the end of the night. For more information, check out their website here.



Wedding dress shop: The White Gallery Boutique

The search for the dress of your dreams starts and ends here. The White Gallery Boutique offers an experience for the women who don’t identify with the mainstream aesthetic. Housing the coolest designers and emerging talent, the boutique is distinctly fashion orientated, offering wedding dresses for the modern, cool bride. Perfect for brides who want to break all the rules and push boundaries in the process. Every bride will find something expressively her own here. Check out their website here.



Cake: Jenny’s Cakes 

For tiers of tantalising goodness, make Jenny’s Cakes your first port of call. Revered by brides all across Northern Ireland, Jenny will effortlessly bring your wedding cake vision to life. Envisioning the wedding cake as a work of art, Jenny works with different textures and flavours to create the cake of your dreams. From classic to contemporary, there’s nothing she can’t do. Check out her website here.



Décor specialist: Blue Moon Event Design

Over the past 10 years, Blue Moon has gained a reputation as Northern Ireland’s leading wedding and event design company.  They transform ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. Whatever theme, style or finishing touches you have in mind for your big day, the team will work tirelessly to exceed your expectations.  They deliver décor that definitely delights. Get a feel for their work here.



Make-up artist: Catherine Fleming

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and no doubt you will want to look and feel your absolute best. Catherine has completed both an intensive course in bridal make-up, along with specialist photographic make-up training. The two go hand-in-hand making sure you look amazing for your photographs.  The look will last throughout the day and remain flawless and beautiful right through to the evening. To check Catherine’s availability, visit her website here.



Hairdresser: Pro Hair By Catherine

As a qualified mobile hair stylist for over 12 years, Catherine has styled the hair of hundreds of brides for their big day.  This makes her one of the most experienced hairdressers within the industry. Whether you envision flowing beachy waves, or a chic retro up-do, Catherine will work with you to create your perfect wedding day hairstyle. View her work on her website here.



Menswear: Focus

Located in Bangor, Focus has earned a reputation for friendly service, quality products and competitive prices. Established in 1984, Focus remains a family run business with a passion for delivering stylish menswear for every occasion, including weddings. From modern to traditional, the team will help you find the perfect suit for your wedding day. For more information, check out their website here.


And of course, if you need a videographer for your wedding day, get in touch here to check out our availability.

10 Belfast Wedding Suppliers You Need to Know About

10 Belfast Wedding Suppliers You Need to Know About

Working in the wonderful world of weddings means that I regularly meet other suppliers in the industry. Over the years, I’ve come across some pretty phenomenal talent, so it would be a shame not to share them with you! Therefore, with this in mind, I am delighted to present you with 10 Belfast wedding suppliers you need to know about.  Perfect if you’re in the midst of planning your special day.


Photographer: This Modern Love

Award-winning husband and wife duo Tim and Claire are renowned for photographing various wedding types.  So if your wedding day vision doesn’t adhere to the norm (whatever that may be), they are worth checking out for sure. Their style of photography is very much about celebrating the glorious diversity and creativity of love. These guys are in hot demand so if you have them in mind for your wedding, snap them up fast. Check out their website here.


Venue: The Merchant Hotel

Photography by Simple Tapestry

If you have your heart set on a city wedding, look no further than the grand Merchant Hotel. Nestled at the heart of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, this iconic five-star venue has a one wedding per day policy. They offer wedding coordinators who are completely committed to ensuring your wedding or civil ceremony is perfect.  This is a top choice for tons of couples. Get more information here.


Florist: Memento Flowers

Ormeau Road’s Memento Flowers has a stunning exterior and an equally impressive interior.  This business is quickly establishing a name for itself as one of Belfast’s most in-demand florists. Whatever you envision for your wedding day, the super talented team will work creatively to easily exceed your expectations. Get a feel for what they do here.


Wedding dress shop: Blush Bridal Boutique

Based on Belfast’s bustling Lisburn Road, Blush Bridal Boutique offers an abundance of beautiful wedding dresses.  This makes the search to find ‘the one’ a breeze. The boutique stocks a wide range of world renowned designers. Such as Temperley, David Fielden and Martina Liana. Visit their website here.


Cake: Madame Cocoa

For a wedding cake with a difference, make Madame Cocoa your first port of call. The quirky cake and chocolate designer specialises in using Belgian chocolate!  Come here to find striking, bespoke wedding cakes and chocolate sculptures… oh my! Heaps of imagination goes into each and every design to ensure an entirely bespoke finish. Visit their website here.


Décor specialist: Weddings at Tiffany’s

If you’re dreaming of amazing décor for your wedding day, call on the expertise of Weddings at Tiffany’s to add beautiful finishing touches to your day. The company takes great pride in staying ahead of the latest trends to offer a chic and stylish finish that will keep guests talking for days. Check out their Facebook page here.


Car hire: David Andrews

Ensure you arrive on time and in style in your dream wedding car from David Andrews. The award-winning company offers a wide fleet of cars so whether you have a penchant for vintage or crave a contemporary car, check out what they have to offer here.


Menswear: Red Groomswear

Situated in Belfast’s city centre, Red Groomswear is one of Northern Ireland’s most popular menswear providers. The well-informed team work tirelessly to bring customers a unique range of suits, with an emphasis on tailoring. Whatever the style of your wedding, find the perfect suit to complement it here.


Hairdresser: Vintage Rocks

Your hair is your crowning glory and deserves to look amazing on your wedding day. Clare has an amazing eye for detail and will ensure your hairstyle perfectly complements your wedding day look. Specialising in vintage-style dos, Vintage Rocks is the perfect parlour for ladies who love a bygone era. Check out Vintage Rocks on Facebook here.


Make-up artist: Shona Kennedy

Getting ready on your wedding day definitely shouldn’t be something to stress about, and thankfully professional make-up artist, Shona easily meets this need. From more natural to glamorous, Shona will ensure your beauty shines through in those all-important wedding photos. View her work here.


And of course, if you need a videographer for your wedding day, get in touch here to check out my availability.