Mother-of-the-Bride Do’s & Don’ts

Mother-of-the-Bride Do’s & Don’ts

The mother-of-the-bride plays a big role in her daughter’s big day. Here are a few wedding dos and don’ts for any mother-of-the-bride:  


If you are to be a Mother of the Bride, you don’t need to dress in a matronly or traditional way just because you’re the Mother-of-the-Bride. Whilst it’s always nice to get your daughter’s seal of approval, a slinky number or a trouser suit may better match your style than the typical knee length dress and jacket. Remember, it’s your day to look fabulous too!


mother of the bride - modern dress



Get your daughter or her other half to run your outfit choice by the Mother-of-the-Groom. This can help to avoid clashing colours or (God forbid!) turning up in practically the same outfit.



Hats are no longer seen as essential wedding day dress code, even for mothers of the bride and groom. If you want to wear a hat or fascinator, go right ahead. But if you don’t suit a hat or don’t want to incur the cost of one, there’s no need to make it a part of your outfit.


mother of the bride



Rustle up some old family mementoes or traditions your daughter might like to include in her big day – it could be an old piece of jewellery or a flower each generation has chosen to include in their wedding bouquet. You could also aim to provide her with something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue.


mother of the bride



The guest list is a common cause of wedding planning woes. Try to be flexible. Just because you were invited to long-lost Auntie Joan’s daughter’s wedding doesn’t mean your daughter has to invite Auntie Joan to hers.


You’re bound to have an opinion on the wedding dresses your daughter tries on. You’re well placed to advise her on the most flattering styles for her figure. But don’t forget that it’s your daughter’s wedding dress, not yours. Recognise when you need to step back and allow her to make her own decision.


Ask the wedding photographer to get a picture of just you and your daughter. An informal snap of you getting ready, or all togged up just before you leave for the ceremony will be a something you can both treasure for years to come.


Kamaara Video Production mother of the bride style


These days, brides don’t stick to wedding tradition in quite the same way. Don’t get too het up about how things used to be. Instead, go with the flow. Your daughter’s day should be a reflection of who she is and what she likes, not what other people expect.


Be supportive of your daughter. Getting married and planning a wedding are both huge undertakings. She may want to offload some practical tasks or just need a shoulder to cry on. Try to be available for both whenever you can.

Your daughter may want you as confidante, advisor or even second in command at times during the wedding planning process. Being Mother-of-the-Bride can be tough! But always bear in mind the things she’ll want most of all – for you to have a ton of fun on her wedding day and share in the excitement as the day draws closer.Remeber


Remember, to cherish all those special moments both for bride and mother and the rest of the bridal party you definitely need a wedding video.  Contact us to check if we are available.


Wedding Day Makeup: Hints and Tips

Wedding Day Makeup: Hints and Tips

Your wedding – the most photographed day of your life. You’ll want to look incredible from start to finish. Therefore to do this you’ll need to pick the right bridal makeup style and apply your products correctly. Here are a few wedding day makeup dos and don’ts for every bride to remember:


A trial run of your wedding day makeup is essential. Whether you’ve chosen a professional make-up artist or you’re doing a DIY job, you need to test out your look before the nerves of the big day hit. Fake tan for your trial if you’re planning on being tanned for the wedding. Also wear white so you can be sure your makeup gives you the necessary glow in the colour you’ll be wearing.


Looking good on your wedding day is all about the preparation. Take care of your skin in the run up to your wedding and you’ll provide the perfect base for any make-up. Getting a facial will make your skin glow and drinking lots of water, especially on the big day, will keep your skin hydrated.


You won’t want to be disappearing to the bathroom for endless make-up touch ups. To enjoy your big day to the fullest, you want to forget about your cosmetics and focus on the fun. Choose long lasting make-up products. Waterproof mascara goes without saying. But also choose a stay put foundation and cream eyeshadows. A good setting spray could also prove invaluable.

wedding day makeup


Wearing more makeup than usual is always recommended. The white of your dress might mean you need a little more colour on your lips and cheeks. And greater definition of your brows, your eyes, your cheekbones and your lips will really make your features pop on photos.

wedding day makeup


Following trends is a big no no for your wedding day. You want to look back on photos and your wedding video without feeling that everything looks dated. Sticking to a classic look will give a timeless feel.


Using powder to touch up your face can ruin your make up. Instead, pack blotting sheets as one of your wedding day essentials. If you feel your skin is starting to look a bit oily, use a sheet and the sheen will disappear.

wedding day makeup tips


Going dramatic and dark with your eye make-up won’t bring out the natural beauty of your eyes. The smoky looks tends to look better in person than it does on photographs. Rather than black shadows and liner, choose softer and more subtle colours that complement your eye colour.

Kamaara Video Production



Don’t let anybody else hijack your wedding day make-up. A make-up artist or just a friend who fancies themselves as the next Bobbi Brown might have their own ideas about your look. But stick to your guns. You need to find a look that feels true to your wedding day theme and your own personal style.

Getting your hair and make-up done professionally (or just adding a few luxury products to your makeup routine) will make you feel extra special on your wedding day. Research your look, plan a trial and make time for beauty preparation. That way you’re sure to look as good as you feel.

You will look perfect on your wedding day and we are here to do all the filming and capture all the beauty of your day.  Contact us to find out if we’re available.

Spring Wedding Flowers Ideas

Spring Wedding Flowers Ideas

Looking for seasonal Spring wedding flowers? Here are some of the most beautiful blooms available in the UK throughout March, April and May.  There are many fabulous wedding florists in Northern Ireland. Here are a few to check out:

Floral Couture by David McConkey

Ditsy Floral Design



Spring wedding flowers - tulips

Tulips instantly make you think of spring. They’re at their best from mid-March to May. And they’re a perfect wedding flower because they come in such a wide variety of colours. From pure whites, through pastel shades to deep reds and purples – whatever wedding colour scheme you’re going for, tulips can be made to fit.

Cherry Blossom

Spring wedding flowers - cherry blossom

Cherry blossom famously blooms in Japan, where its fleeting beauty is celebrated every spring. But there are plenty of varieties here in the UK too. These delicate flowers come in shades of cream, peach and pink. And they can be used either as part of your bouquet or as a striking centrepiece.


lilac for your spring wedding

Lilac flowers are thought to signify first love, making them beautiful and meaningful spring wedding flowers. They come in a variety of different purple shades. And duskier tones work beautifully with a vintage wedding theme.


Hyacinths for your spring wedding

Hyacinths are usually available until around April. They come in purples, pinks, blues and whites and have a beautiful fragrance. Stems are quite short so these flowers work best in bouquets, as buttonholes and as cake decorations.

white hyacinths for your wedding

Pussy Willow

pussy willow flowers for your wedding

Pussy willow’s silky, silvery catkins appear in early spring. They look gorgeous in bouquets. But they’re also great for wedding decoration. Straight pussy willow branches give lots of height and impact as table centrepieces. And branches can be woven to create decorative wreathes, hearts and hair vines too.


Magnolia flowers come in beautiful shades of white and pink. They’re fairly big flowers and can be used to make a real statement. White blooms set against dark foliage look right at home as part of a contemporary spring wedding theme.

spring wedding flowers - allium

Ball-shaped allium flowers represent unity. What could be more fitting for your wedding day? With tall straight stems and circular clusters of purple flowers, alliums make for dramatic table centrepieces. They also look unbeatably stylish when carried in a minimal arrangement or just as a single stem.

Lily of the Valley

lily of the valley spring flowers

Lily of the valley flowers are classic and romantic. Both Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton chose lily of the valley for their wedding bouquets. And these small white flowers are incredibly versatile. You can pair them with other flowers or leave them to take centre stage in a bouquet on their own. They also work as buttonholes or woven into hair for a truly dreamy look.


Peonies for weddings

If your wedding is set for late spring, peonies should be coming into bloom. These romantic but striking flowers took centre stage at the royal wedding in May. Their big, frilly petals generally come in shades of white and pink. Splash out on a bouquet full of peonies or choose a few blooms of a bigger variety to add drama in a more varied arrangement.

peonies wedding flowers Peonies in a wedding bouquet

Spring brides have plenty of beautiful, seasonal spring flowers to choose from. Whether your wedding style is vintage, traditional, rustic or contemporary, you can find wonderful (and affordable) flowers to fit your theme.

To capture your beautiful wedding, no matter which season, make sure you hire a wedding videographer.  Contact us for availability.

Eco-Friendly Wedding

Eco-Friendly Wedding

Weddings have long been known for their excess. But many couples are now choosing to consider the environment when planning their big day. For eco-conscious brides and grooms, here are our top eco-friendly wedding ideas:

Eco-Friendly Wedding Flowers

Around 90% of cut flowers in the UK are imported. This means a huge cost to the environment in terms of transport. And then there’s all of the chemicals used to preserve them throughout their journey too. Choosing locally grown and seasonal flower varieties is a much more environmentally friendly way to do things. Alternatively, ditch the flowers altogether and opt for a bouquet of recycled paper blooms.


DIY Wedding Bouquet


Eco-Friendly Wedding Stationery

Choosing recycled paper for your wedding invites and stationery is an obvious choice for the eco-conscious bride. Not only that but you can also try to cut back on the paper you use – recycled or otherwise. Postcard RSVPs mean no unnecessary envelopes. Furthermore a few menus per table rather than one per guest will suffice. And, with a wedding website, you don’t need to send reams of paper explaining essential wedding day information.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Transport

Transporting you and your guests around the country (or the world) for your wedding day isn’t very kind to the environment. So, to make your wedding that bit greener, choose venues that are close to home. Even better, walk to or between your ceremony and reception venues. And if the walk would prove too strenuous for some, organise a shuttle so guests can share a ride rather than each hopping into their own car.  If the wedding venue is close to where you live you could always opt for a horse-drawn carriage.  Here is one example: George Fawcett Carriages

eco-friendly wedding ideas - horse and carriage

Eco-Friendly Wedding Food

The food you eat on the big day can leave a huge carbon footprint. Choose your caterers carefully. Those who use seasonal and local produce will have less impact on the environment than those who source exotic ingredients from all around the world. The same goes for your wedding cake. Organic, sustainable, seasonal and local ingredients are always the best bet.  Yellow Door is a top caterer you really need to check out.



Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours

Re-use jam jars and fill them with homemade preserves. Give all of your guests a packet of wildflower seeds to plant in their gardens – great for local wildlife and a lovely reminder of your wedding for guests – one of many special eco-friendly wedding ideas. Find ethically-made keepsakes like soaps or candles online. Just be sure to cut back on any unnecessary packaging and make your favours useful. That way they won’t end up in the bin as soon as your guests get home.


Eco-Friendly Decoration

Decorating your venue in an environmentally friendly way means not choosing items that have to be thrown away at the end of the day. A wedding venue that looks beautiful with minimal decoration is a good starting point. Table centrepieces can be hired. Alternatively, source quirky DIY wedding decoration from markets and charity shops. And then donate them back when they’re finished with.

Wedding Signs

Your wedding day can be both stunning and kind to the environment. Eco-friendly weddings are growing in popularity so there are plenty of venues and suppliers out there who can make your green wedding dreams into a reality.

Your wedding video will capture all the beautiful eco-friendly wedding ideas you have created for your wedding day.  Contact us to book your wedding video today.

Wedding Flowers Ideas

Wedding Flowers Ideas

Do you need some wedding flowers ideas?  One of the biggest aspects of your wedding day is going to be your floral arrangements. It’s not every day we get to carry beautiful bouquets and decorate venues with stunning flower arrangments. Here are some floral ideas to get you inspired.

Ditsy Floral Designs - Wedding Flowers Ideas by Ditsy Floral Design

Deciding on the flowers for your wedding can be a daunting task to check off your wedding to-do lists, especially if you have no idea what flowers you want!  All those long flower names and varieties can be confusing to understand.  It’s important to choose a florist who is able to ‘see’ your vision for your wedding and make fabulous recommendations for you. If you’re into vintage style rustic designs, have a look at Ditsy Floral Design based in Loughbrickland, near Banbridge is owned by Elaine and she specialises in ‘just picked’ wedding flowers.

There are many fabulous wedding flower designers in Northern Ireland and you are sure to find a great one near you to give you lots of wedding flowers ideas.  Here are just a few marked on this Google map.

Northern Ireland flower suppliers

Pinterest Ideas

We recommend spending a lot of time getting inspiration for your wedding flowers. There are so many places you can get ideas from when it comes to your floral arrangements and bouquets.  Pinterest is a great place to start if you have an idea about your wedding’s colour scheme or theme.

Watch this video by Frankie Amelia for ideas on using Pinterest for her own wedding.

Go to 12:04 for the Wedding Flowers section

Social Media

Instagram and other social media sites are also a great place to search, as well as wedding blogs. Maybe you even want to take inspiration from some of the royal weddings.

royal wedding floral ideas

Your wedding theme and colour scheme will have a big impact on which flowers you’ll choose for your wedding. The flowers you pick will have to fit into your theme, to pull together the overall aesthetic for your big day. Try to choose flowers whose colours compliment your wedding colour scheme, as well as suit your venue and dress. You can play with different tones and shades to create floral arrangements that truly compliment your big day.

Flower Meanings

The meanings of flowers can also play a big part in your floral choices and may give you some wedding flowers ideas. Search online or ask your florist for the meanings behind certain blooms. Here are some flower meanings to get you started.  You might want flowers with happy, romantic meanings.

Rose and lilacs represent love and romance, making them perfect choices for your wedding day.

Roses and Lilacs - Wedding Flowers Ideas

Or, you might choose flowers that have a special significance to just you and your partner – perhaps the first flowers he ever bought you?

Seasonal Flowers

Finally, the seasons will have a big impact on the flowers you can choose from. Some flowers are only in season at certain times of the year. Your florist will know which flowers are available to use, and will be blooming at the date of your wedding. If your favourites aren’t available, consider similar alternatives, to keep prices down. If you’re having a winter wedding, read our blog article on beautiful winter flowers to use.

Autumn Idea

Autumn Bouquet

Winter Idea

winter wedding flowers

Spring Idea 

Spring flowers

Summer Idea

summer flowers

If you’re still stuck for ideas, take a look through our wedding gallery to see some real weddings in action and get some floral inspiration!

Like what you see?  Contact us today to find out how you can relive your beautiful love story in high definition video.  All day filming so we capture every aspect of your day from prep to dancing.

Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter Wedding Ideas

There’s no doubt that the colder seasons are some of the most romantic times of the year. It’s chilly outside, so everyone is cuddling up by a cosy fireplace, enjoying the festive feeling. So what better time to host your wedding! A winter wedding can be a beautifully romantic occasion, but you might be stuck when deciding on a theme to fit the season. Here’s our top five ideas for a winter wedding theme to give you some inspiration…


1. Layer it up

Layers are essential for the cold weather, and we’re not talking about your bridal look. Draping fabric around your wedding venue can completely transform your space, and turn it into a warm winter wonderland. Think flowing, billowy linens on the tables and chairs to keep the space looking soft, and floor to ceiling fabrics. You can also mix it up with some fairy lights and candles to add to the cosy feel of the venue.


winter wedding ideas - layers


layer up your wedding seating


winter wedding ideas



2. Freeze your flowers

Want a totally eye-catching and different way to display your floral arrangements? Put it on ice – literally.  A huge trend in 2018 winter weddings is to display frozen flower arrangements, for an ice-castle vibe. The frozen water will make bright colours even more vivid, so this is a great idea if your colour scheme is bold.  Lots more ideas on Pinterest

freeze your flowers



3. Comfort foods

Winter weddings are a great opportunity to play around with the traditional wedding food. When the weather is cold outside, we reach for hot and hearty foods, and your wedding doesn’t have to be an exception. Think of your favourite comfort foods like hot soups, braised beef casserole with dumplings and sticky red cabbage on the side; warm pastries and pies and the ultimate, baked brie and mulled wine!


comfort foods for your winter wedding feast



4. Think Green

Dark greenery lends itself to a winter wedding, as the colours stand out perfectly against your bridal dress. Designing a bouquet with a lot of leaves and green flowers is a great idea for a winter wedding. You can also adorn your venue with wintery trees and plants to make it a real winter wonderland.

green foliage for your winter wedding theme



5. Faux Fur

Nothing will make you feel warmer in the cold than faux fur accents. Drape this fabric to the back of chairs, or invest in a soft faux fur wrap to go over your wedding dress. You can also use faux fur around your venue to really add to the warmth and create the cosy vibes.

white faux fur for winter weddings


Watch this beautiful winter wedding we filmed at the Culloden Hotel to give you some inspiration.

Want some more inspiration? Take a look through our wedding portfolio to see some real-life weddings.   Get some more winter wedding ideas from our article on winter flower ideas. If you like what you see, contact us to find out how to get your own wedding video filmed by us.