So your bestie has asked you to be her bridesmaid? You’ll be super excited to be involved in her big day. But what does being a bridesmaid actually mean? Here we break down all of your bridesmaid duties, from the wedmin (wedding admin) to the wedding day itself.

Wedding Planning

If your bride likes to be in control, she may be happiest managing wedding planning details by herself. However, some brides like to share the load amongst their girls and delegate plenty of bridesmaid duties. A particularly crafty bridesmaid may be charged with creating table centrepieces. Or a party animal with designing a playlist. Do your best to be helpful and cheerful, whether you’re taste-testing wedding cake or updating the RSVP spreadsheet.

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The Hen Party by the Bridesmaid

Organising the hen party is traditionally the responsibility of the Chief Bridesmaid. But often all bridesmaids pitch in with the planning. Ask the bride for a guest list and anything she considers a hen do essential. So as part of your bridesmaid duties you need to come up with party games, activities, ice breakers and little extras (like a book for heartfelt messages) to give her the send-off she deserves. bridesmaid duties

Dress Shopping

Your bride may want you to be with her as she tries on wedding dresses. Try to be honest in your opinion. But never say you hate anything that she clearly loves. Choosing a wedding dress is a big (and often expensive) decision so be tactful and kind. And when it comes to your own dress, try to be accommodating. If there’s something that you will feel really uncomfortable in, speak up. But try to remember that it’s impossible to please every bridesmaid 100%.  Therefore as part of your bridesmaid duties – be diplomatic!

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On the Morning of the Wedding

On the morning of the wedding, bridesmaids usually get ready with the bride. You’ll be responsible for calming those pre-wedding nerves and keeping everyone to schedule. Bridesmaids usually arrive at the venue ten minutes or so before the bride. They then help her to rearrange her dress and veil before heading down the aisle. NI Wedding Videos


During the Ceremony

The Chief Bridesmaid usually take the bride’s flowers before the ceremony starts. Your bride may have asked you to do a reading during the service. Or you may be expected to stand as a witness during the signing of the register. Once the ceremony has ended, you’ll exit behind the bride and groom, usually alongside the best man or one of the ushers.

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During the Reception

The wedding reception is where the party really gets started. But you still have a few bridesmaid responsibilities to fulfil before the prosecco starts flowing. Touch up the bride’s hair and makeup, particularly before photos. Make sure she eats and drinks enough. And help her go to the bathroom if she’s wearing a cumbersome wedding dress! Traditionally it’s been men who give speeches at weddings. But increasingly brides and bridesmaids are also taking to the stage. So if your bride has asked you to say something, don’t forget your notes and don’t indulge in too much Dutch courage beforehand!

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Being a bridesmaid is a responsibility. But it’s also a great honour. You’ll get to be a big part of your friend’s special day. And you’ll get to make some wonderful memories along the way too.

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