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The Contemporary Groom

There’s no getting away from it. Your bride and “The Dress” should come centre stage on your wedding day. However,  that’s not to say the groom’s wedding day style isn’t important too.

If you’re a groom worried that your suit will look old fashioned or just want to stamp a bit of personality on your wedding attire, take a look at our contemporary groom’s guide to wedding day style:



Suit Cuts

Classic fit suits can look baggy and boxy, so this is definitely not the look you want on your wedding day. A tailored fit suit is narrower, with a nipped in waist and a slightly tapered leg, which can give you a much better silhouette. Not only that, if your body shape fits the bill, narrower skinny and slim fit suits are the height of contemporary style.  Lisburn supplier McCalls have a wide range of contemporary wedding suits.

Bridegroom Style


Suit Style Tips

Here are a few style tips to consider when choosing your suit:

  • Lapels: A wide lapel is seen as traditional (and potentially old fashioned).  A narrow lapel is very modern. Therefore somewhere in the middle gives a more timeless look.
  • Ties: Tie width should match the width of your lapel. Tie colour should match with your pocket square (if you choose to have one). Or match the bridesmaids dress colour.
  • Cuffs: Jacket sleeves should show around an inch of shirt cuff. As for trouser cuffs, these should sit neatly on top of your shoes without reaching the floor at your heel.


If you are in the Dungannon area, why not try out award-winning stockist Tux & Tails for wedding suits.

Bridegroom Wedding Day Style



If your wedding has a theme, your suit should at least make a subtle nod towards it. Tweed is a popular option for rustic or country chic themed weddings. Not only that but also throw in a matching waistcoat and you’ll nail the look. Don’t be afraid to head for pastels, lightweight linen fabrics.  And for a beach wedding go for bare feet. If you’ve chosen a vintage theme then find a suit cut in the style of your chosen bygone era.



If your bride wants to incorporate the wedding colour scheme into your suit then think ties and pocket squares.  So, get a swatch of fabric that matches the theme (bride approved, of course) and take it out when shopping. This way you can be sure that tones work together.

Bridegroom Wedding Day Style




Groom shoes should be comfortable and stylish. However, they don’t have to be boring.  There’s some contemporary grooms who opt for colourful brogues, relaxed loafers (without socks).  Furthermore, for a laid-back wedding, even a pair of Converse looks great. As long as they’re new or sparklingly clean and have been vetted by your bride you’re good to go.

wedding shoes


The Little Extras

Just as the bride is supposed to have “something borrowed” as part of her wedding day get up, consider if there’s anything close to your heart you’d like to carry with you as you walk down the aisle. What about your grandad’s pocket watch? Maybe even a pair of cufflinks from your mum and dad? These sentimental items can really make your day feel extra special.

Bridegroom Wedding Day Style

Wedding day style isn’t just about the bride. What the groom wears also has a big impact. Modern, vintage, black tie or shirt sleeves – whatever you choose, make sure it fits like a glove and fits with the theme to really make a statement.


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